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Everyone’s Laughing at Gordon Ramsay’s Pad Thai Fail

Schadenfreude has never tasted so sweet

Michael Dodge / Stringe

Gordon Ramsay has built a sprawling entertainment empire based on dragging other people for their lack of talent in the kitchen, which might explain why it’s so satisfying to see another chef dish it back to the shouty British man. This eight-year-old segment from the original UK version of The F Word, wherein a Thai chef tells Ramsay that his noodles are bunk, landed on Twitter earlier this week, and people can’t stop sharing it:

In the clip, Ramsay prepares pad thai alongside a chef named Chang from London’s Blue Elephant restaurant. Clearly, Chang is not impressed by Gordon’s rendition of Thailand’s national dish. After taking a bite and glaring at Ramsay, Chang says, “What do you want to know from me? Ask me.” Gordon requests some feedback, to which Chang responds with an exaggerated “meh” face and the words, “This is not pad thai at all.”

Naturally, this clip has inspired a few great memes:

At the rate that this video is being shared, it might soon eclipse “Where’s the lamb sauce?” as the ultimate Gordon Ramsay meme.

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