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Marc Jacobs Got Engaged at Chipotle

And a flash mob helped him pop the question

Charly DeFrancesco and Marc Jacobs
Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

Last night, fashion icon Marc Jacobs proposed to his boyfriend, model/candlemaker Charly Defrancesco, at a Manhattan location of America’s second or third favorite Mexican chain, Chipotle. As a lead-up to the big question, Jacobs had a squad of dancers perform a routine set to Prince’s song “Kiss” inside the restaurant. The famous designer shared a video of the flash mob and his proposal on Instagram:

Judging by the video, it looks like Marc and Charly were just finishing up dinner when the flash mob started doing their thing, and the burrito-rollers behind the counter also danced along to the music. In this clip, Defrancesco looks genuinely surprised when his guy drops to one knee and busts out the ring. It’s an especially impressive proposal when you consider that Jacobs had to hire the flash mob team, get the Chipotle crew to bump that song as they were finishing dinner, and find someone to film the moment when he dropped down on one knee.

This Chipotle flash mob proposal certainly beats getting engaged at a Pizza Hut or hitched at a boozy Taco Bell.

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