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Sonic Kindly Asks Customers Not to Toke Up in the Drive-Thru

The management would like guests to “air out” before they order

Photo of a guy smoking a joint Getty/Sean Gallup. Sonic logo via Sonic.

A location of fast-food chain Sonic in Gulfport, Mississippi has a modest request for its customers: Please get high before you order your food, not during the middle of the drive-thru transaction. The manager of this location, Yasman Freeman, tells the Sun Herald that she decided to post a message about blazing after a drive-thru customer blew a big plume of smoke in the face of an underage employee a few weeks ago. Apparently, the staffers also got tired of the drive-thru reeking of weed all the time.

The new sign reads: “Attention: If you are smoking weed in the drive-thru you will not be served! Please show some common courtesy and smoke and air out before pulling up to order. Thank you.” Freeman claims that the signage is actually helping to curb weed consumption at her location of the chain. “There have also been a lot of pictures (of the sign) taken,” the restaurant manager remarks.

With a menu that includes footlong chili cheese dogs, jalapeño poppers, and breakfast burritos, it’s no surprise that Sonic is a favorite hangout for stoners. The chain might want to consider investing in a few more “don’t toke at the drive-thru” signs before the launch of the pickle-flavored slushie this summer.

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