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Sorry, Haters: Antoni From ‘Queer Eye’ Lands a Cookbook Deal

This will be the first book from the Fab 5’s culinary maestro


For a solid three weeks in March of this year, the internet take-writers kept debating whether or not Antoni Porowski — the food-obsessed member of the Queer Eye squad — could actually cook.

There was really no need for debate because, well, he actually shows people how to cook things in every episode of Netflix’s hit show, and also, the whole point of the Fab 5 makeover experience is not to turn the dudes into experts, but rather to instill enough confidence in them to live their hashtag best lives. Antoni isn’t supposed to teach the guys how to cook a seven-course tasting menu, but he is supposed to help them feel like they could capably put together a cocktail hour or casual dinner in a few hours’ time. And on this level, Mr. Porowski is spectacular at his job.

This might explain why he just landed a deal with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for a cookbook slated to be released next year.

“I could not be more thrilled to be writing about the recipes I love and think are essential to any novice home cook, professional, and somewhere in between,” Porowski tells Entertainment Weekly. The book will contain around 100 recipes focusing on “simple, healthy, visually appealing” dishes. “Antoni has an appealing vulnerability that helps him connect instantly with newbies in the kitchen,” says Houghton Mifflin Harcourt editorial director Rux Martin. “But his recipes are so stylish and contemporary that they pull in sophisticates too. I was drawn to their blend of European classical approach and American accessibility.”

If everything goes according to plan, Antoni’s cookbook will hit stands in spring 2019, and the second season of Queer Eye should land on Netflix by the end of 2018.

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