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Trump Gets Big Boy Salt Shaker During Lunch Meeting

It towers over everyone else’s shakers 

Photos: Trump: Getty/Alex Wong; Salt Shaker: Getty/Tom Kelley

Donald Trump is a real big shot, so naturally he should get the biggest salt and pepper shakers even if the other people at the table are themselves also big shots. Case in point: Here’s a real photo of the POTUS having a lunch meeting with Baltic leaders at the White House today, which was shared by the Trump parody account @nicedonaldtrump.

Every other person at the table has small salt and pepper shakers at their place settings, while Trump has a pair so big that they actually poke out above his name placard. Here’s a closeup of the salt shaker situation from a White House corespondent:

The salt shaker upgrade really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise because Trump has proven time and time again that he loves receiving special treatment during meals. He relishes those extra scoops of ice cream at dinner, American cheeseburgers on Japanese golf courses, red-button Coca-Colas in the Oval Office, and White House Quarter Pounders right before bed. According to the results of a recent physical, the POTUS has normal blood pressure, so perhaps there’s no harm in using the big salt shaker at the table, for now.

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