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Watch: Do You Need a $150 Electric Fish Skinner?

Pitting the pricey single-use kitchen appliance against good, old-fashioned knife skills

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Two things are almost certain with every kitchen gadget we test on You Can Do This and The Kitchen Gadget Test Show: that we’ll have a clear answer if the gadget in question is something you should spend your money on, and the gadget will have a peculiar name. The latest up for review is the Skinzit — a $150 electric fish skinner that touts saving you time and energy when compared to a classic chef’s knife.

Testing her knife skills against the Skinzit is the new host of The Kitchen Gadget Test Show, Esther Choi — the chef and owner of New York City restaurants Mokbar and Ms. Yoo. Depending on skill level, skinning a fish can take about one to two minutes, and the Skinzit promises to cut that time in half.

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