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Watch: Does Hand-Folding Make Better Dumplings Than a Press?

Kitchen Gadget Test Show pits dumpling-folding muscle memory against a $7 crimping tool

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File dumplings under the foods you enjoy eating but maybe haven’t tackled cooking at home due to a relative level of difficulty. “Making dumplings is definitely muscle memory,” says host Esther Choi, of New York’s Mokbar. “It just takes time and practice.”

Choi is battling her handmade dumpling skills against a stainless steel dumpling maker that retails for $7.99 in this episode of The Kitchen Gadget Test Show. But as Choi quickly points out, the dumplings made by the dumpling maker end up looking more like ravioli — since the small tool triples as a means for making ravioli and perogi, too.

“I think [the dumpling maker] would be a gateway into making dumplings,” says Choi. “But I feel the beauty of making dumplings is to get together with friends and family and take your time and really work on the shape and skill.”

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