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Inside the World of Baseball Stadium Dining

On the Upsell podcast, how chefs feed fans at Citi Field, Nationals Park, and beyond

Soft serve ... in a hat
Ian Stroud

This week on the Eater Upsell podcast, we’re talking all things baseball stadium dining. Baseball has long been the ideal sport for food consumption — the games are long and filled with pauses for snack breaks — but stadiums are now dining destinations in their own right with locations of Shake Shack, Federal Donuts, Waffle House, Parm, and other local institutions. Meanwhile over the last few years, stadiums have competed to serve the most outlandish, caloric, and instagram-baity dishes possible.

On this show, in-house baseball expert Sonia Chopra shares what she learned reporting her 2018/19 stadium food guide (instagram is less important than you’d think!). Then we talk to the executive chef of Citi Field, Patrick Schaeffer, about how he uses data to program food at his stadium, the power of the cheese pull, and the tweaks he and famous chefs like Michael White have made to turn ballpark duds into hits. Then John Karangis, chef of Union Square Hospitality Group’s events and stadium program, tells us about how he’s adapted an established brand like Shake Shack for a stadium audience. And last but not least Joe House, of The House of Carbs pod, calls in to tell us how he approaches eating at ball games.

To find out what your local stadium is serving up this season, please check out our stadium dining guides from across this great nation.

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