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Watch: Experimenting with a Whole Fried Chicken at Two-Star Win Son

How chef Trigg Brown debones, fries, and stuffs the bird

Prime Time hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young are helping chef Trigg Brown work out the kinks of a possible new dish at his Brooklyn Taiwanese restaurant, Win Son. Brown — a 2017 Eater Young Gun winner along with partner Josh Ku — is tinkering with a whole fried chicken dish inspired by a rice-stuffed bird he tried in San Francisco. “We like cooking large format stuff, so this is right up our alley,” says Brown.

To stuff the whole bird, Brown is mixing scallions, spring garlic, Chinese sausage, and oyster mushrooms in with a southern Taiwanese sticky rice that’s traditionally sweeter. Instead of cooking the sticky rice in water, Brown is trying out a broth made of roasted chicken bone, pork necks, unsmoked ham, ginger, and garlic. “I don’t want to spin this as a super Taiwanese dish,” says Brown. “As a white dude, [Taiwanese food] is something I try to humbly and respectfully approach.”

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