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Homer Simpson Plows Through Dozens of New Orleans Restaurants on ‘The Simpsons’

The show pays homage to po-boys, crawfish, fried chicken, and more Crescent City classics

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The Simpsons/Hulu

On the latest episode of The Simpsons, America’s most popular cartoon family makes an unexpected detour to New Orleans while traveling to visit Marge’s aunt in Florida. The trip proves to be advantageous for Lisa, who regains her confidence with the saxophone, and it winds up turning into a culinary bacchanal for Homer, who eats his way through many of the city’s storied dining establishments.

“Did you know that a man can fall in love with a city?” Homer muses while taking Lisa on a journey through the French Quarter. “It happens slowly at first. Then when you develop a crush, you find your love just grows and grows.” After downing a few Hurricane’s at Pat O’Brien’s, Homer then embarks on an epic dining crawl, where he consumes:

Homer ends his dining jag by walking out of Commander’s Palace, and later, the Simpsons also crush some beignets at 24-hour institution Cafe Du Monde.

The restaurant scenes are definitely the best part of this uneven episode, which also features a bit where a Louis Armstrong statue comes to life to give Lisa advice, and Bart buys voodoo dolls in an attempt to get back at the schoolyard bullies.

The New Orleans-themed episode of The Simpsons is available to stream on Hulu, and you can find a clip of the food crawl here.

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