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Teacher Suspended for Distracting Students With Pancakes

Plus, GQ’s list of America’s best new restaurants is out, and more food news to start the week

A stack of pancakes with syrup and butter Flickr/Michael Stern
  • A woman entering the United States was fined $500 by a customs agent for carrying an apple that she received on her Delta flight. “He had asked me if my trip to France was expensive and I said, ‘yeah,’” Crystal Tadlock tells Denver Fox affiliate KDVR. “I didn’t really get why he was asking that question, and then he said ‘It’s about to get a lot more expensive after I charge you $500.’”
  • GQ has released its list of America’s best new restaurants for 2018. Majordōmo, celebrity chef David Chang’s Los Angeles venture, takes top billing.
  • Finally, Dan Harmon, creator of the Rick & Morty animated series shares his thoughts on the chaos surrounding his show’s fans’ obsession with McDonald’s Szechuan sauce.