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Watch: Do You Really Need an Indoor Smokeless Grill?

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Trying out the $300 grill from Philips

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Grilling is a cooking technique many try to achieve at home, with enough people failing miserably at it after following the “best grilling tips” they found online. Philips — the lighting company turned all-household-items company — has created the Smokeless Indoor Grill, a compact grill that uses infrared technology to yield “evenly grilled food” at a consistent 446 degrees fahrenheit.

Testing out the $300 gadget in this episode of The Kitchen Gadget Test Show is host Esther Choi of New York’s Mokbar, who is grilling chicken, hamburgers, and vegetable skewers. In some cases, the Smokeless Indoor Grill comes through on its big promises. But if the best parts of grilling include being outdoors in the warmer months, hearing hamburgers sizzle, and getting to the perfect maillard reaction — is this $300 kitchen gadget worth it?

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