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Watch: Smoking a Whole Lamb North Carolina-Style

Prime Time stops by Arrogant Swine in Brooklyn for a whole-animal barbecue affair

“Whole-animal as a barbecue genre is under-explored,” says Tyson Ho, the pitmaster at Brooklyn barbecue restaurant Arrogant Swine. “It is the oldest style of cooking barbecue in this country, indigenous to North Carolina.” Whole-hog is the barbecue style of choice for Ho at Arrogant Swine — which he notes is one of only 20 restaurants in the US doing whole-animal barbecue.

Ho, a native of Queens, New York, studied barbecue under Ed Mitchell who is sometimes referred to as the “Pope of North Carolina barbecue.” In this episode of Prime Time, Ho — along with hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young — is switching up Arrogant Swine’s whole-hog shtick to smoke an entire lamb. The process starts with a generous rub of mustard (an antioxidant that will rid the meat of the gamey taste associated with lamb), and an Indian-inspired spice mixture that includes coriander and garam masala.

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