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Watch: How Ice Sculptors Carve Art From Frozen Chunks

How to Make It steps into the workshop at Okamoto Studios in NYC for a lesson in sculpting

The culinary scene has many facets that go beyond the inner works of a kitchen. In Eater’s new show, How To Make It, host Katie Pickens from Food Network’s Iron Chef is ditching her chef knives to learn all about unique food professions.

The premiere episode sees Pickens exploring the art of ice sculpting at Okamoto Studios in Queens, NY. Okamoto Studios has provided sculptures for cocktail bars, bar mitzvahs, and events like New York Fashion Week since 2003.

Co-owner Shint Aro Okamoto explains that the intricate act of ice sculpting requires years of practice. “The act of carving is almost identical to carving wood or stone,” Okamoto says. “It’s about working with your hands, it’s about your relationship with tools, and there’s a really steep learning curve.”

Watch Pickens as she learns how to carve an ice bowl using chainsaws, vee chisels, and hand saws, and stay tuned for more upcoming episodes.

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