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Watch: Korean-Inspired California-Style Burgers in Dallas

‘K-Town’ heads to budding chain LA Burger for a fast-casual mashup with Korean flair

For as long as time itself, Koreans have been putting kimchi on food. In the U.S. that often means things like kimchi-topped tacos, quesadillas, pizzas, and especially burgers. Here at LA Burger — a budding chain of fast-casual restaurants founded by two brothers who hail from Los Angeles’s Koreatown — kimchi is added to menu items with ease. Everything from its juicy burgers to battered onion rings is topped with a generous mound of kimchi.

At LA Burger, the brothers, who moved to Dallas after serving in the armed forces, found a market for serving affordable American comfort food with a heavy dose of Korean flair. Join K-Town host Matthew Kang as he bites into a huge burger with kimchi and bulgogi seasoning for the ultimate Korean-American comfort mashup.

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