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Watch an Adorable Clip From ‘Bao,’ Pixar’s Upcoming Short Film

The dumpling baby will make its debut ahead of ‘Incredibles 2’ on June 15

In March, Pixar announced its next short film would be called Bao, focusing on an “empty-nesting Chinese mom” who makes an adorable pork dumpling that comes to life, Pinocchio-style. Bao’s director Domee Shi — who’s the first-ever woman to direct a Pixar short film — told Entertainment Weekly last month that the movie represents a “magical, modern-day fairy tale, kind of like a Chinese Gingerbread Man story” that follows the complexities of a mother-child relationship (even if that child happens to be an edible object imbued by magic). Shi’s own mother, a Chinese-Canadian immigrant, served as a consultant on the film, ensuring the animated dumpling-making scenes were accurate to her own folding style.

And today, the first clip and poster from the film hit the internet, confirming that this hotly anticipated dumpling baby is indeed very adorable:

Here he is, in poster form:

Bao will screen before showings of Incredibles 2, which premieres June 15.

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