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Watch: Which Sushi Maker Creates the Best Roll?

Putting the Sushi Bazooka and the Perfect Sushi Roll Maker to the test

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The art of sushi making can be challenging, and takes time and practice to master. In this episode of The Kitchen Gadget Test Show, host Esther Choi reviews two sushi makers that promise to replace the traditional bamboo mat and create the perfect roll every time — no prior sushi making experience needed.

Up for review are the $9.98 Perfect Roll Sushi Maker and the Sushi Bazooka, which comes with $6.98 price tag. Both gadgets are tested for usability, the final look of the finished sushi, and how tightly the nori is rolled. “If it’s too tight, then your nori will rip and it’ll burst,” says Choi, chef and owner of restaurants Mokbar and Ms. Yoo in New York City. “And then if it’s too loose, all the ingredients in the middle will fall apart and it’ll be hard to cut.”

Watch to see which gadget comes closest to living up to its promise.

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