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Netflix’s ‘Nailed It’ Is Casting Season 2 With a Selfie Contest

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Calling all amateur bakers

The creators of Netflix’s hilarious and surprisingly informative new baking show Nailed It are giving their fans a chance to appear on the next season, slated to debut later this year. In a Twitter and Facebook video, host Nicole Byer shares news of a competition called #bakeyourselfie.

Fans who want to qualify for the second season of the show can make cookie likenesses of themselves using this recipe and post selfies with the treats to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtags #bakeyourselfie and #NailedItNetflix, while also tagging @nailedit. The contest ends on April 20, and the show’s producers will select contestants based on these photos. “We can’t just wander into the kitchen without testing your skills,” Byer explains. It’s a somewhat complicated casting procedure, but like the show itself, the contest is sure to produce some amusing pastry fails while also celebrating the act of rolling up your sleeves and making something in the kitchen.

The first season of Nailed It premiered last month, and got picked up for a second season — along with fellow Netflix newcomer Queer Eye — two weeks ago. Each episode features three amateur bakers attempting to recreate elaborate pastries for a chance to win $10,000. Byer is joined in each installment by chocolatier Jacques Torres, and the show features a rotating cast of special guest judges.

Stay tuned for more updates on this contest and the second season of Nailed It as they become available.

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