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Which of These Headlines Is NOT from Giada’s Lifestyle Site?

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The celebrity chef is clearly trying to diversify her brand

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Taking a move from the Gwyneth Paltrow playbook, the Food Network’s resident over-pronouncer Giada De Laurentiis decided to launch a site that features recipes, as well as advice on beauty, fashion, entertaining, travel, and parenting. This publication has a name that definitely does not roll off the tongue — Giadzy — and a seemingly bottomless well of posts bearing De Laurentiis’s byline. It appears that when she’s not filming her TV show or running her Las Vegas restaurants, Giada is busy writing blog posts about things like power walking, New Year’s wellness resolutions, and how to make an apple-parmesan pie. By spending a few minutes on Giadzy, you will likely see sides of the TV star that you have never seen before.

As a special Friday afternoon challenge, here’s a list of 11 headlines, 10 of which are from Giazdy, and one of which is fake. Can you spot the ringer?

• How To Tie a Scarf the Italian Way
• Sitting Pretty: A Guide to Better Posture
• Go Social Media-Free This Sunday
• Try This Yoga Routine To Beat Holiday Stress & Bloat
• Spotlight on Eggplant
• A DIY Bruschetta Bar for Entertaining Made Easy
• Shake Up Brunch With Bloody “Marinaras”
• Pack Yourself a Grown-up Lunch Box
• Aunt Raffy’s Famous Oscar Menu
• Use Your Slow Cooker All Summer Long
• Why You Need a Pasta Fork in Your Life, Like, Now

Click here to find out which one is phony.

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