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7 Alternate Headlines for USA Today’s ‘Female Chef in Every State’ Story

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Who thought this reductive list was a good idea?

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Today, USA Today released a slideshow called “50 States: 50 Female Chefs,” which helpfully implores readers to “add the 50 female chefs in the photos above to your restaurant radar — there’s one in your state.” That is accurate; at last count, there are at least 50 female chefs who live in the United States.

Apparently that’s news to USA Today — although it probably shouldn’t be — and by cobbling together this list, the newspaper has placed women chefs on the same plane as inanimate items covered by its “50 States” series, including “must-try sandwiches” and recommended ramen restaurants.

Inspired by that reductive decision-making, Eater’s editors would like to offer some potential alternate headlines:

  • TIL There’s a Female Chef In Every State!!!!
    Subheadline: THERE’S EVEN ONE IN IOWA
  • You’ll Never Believe What States We Found Female Chefs In
    Subheadline: ZOMG all of them
  • Warning: There Are at Least 50 Female Chefs, Including One in Your State
  • We Tried to Find a Female Chef In Every State. You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next.
  • Here Now, Proof That Female Chefs Exist, Once and For All
  • Binders Full of Women, Restaurant Edition
  • Unnecessary Slideshow Added to Internet

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