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Watch: Cutting Into Rare American Wagyu at a Secret NYC Restaurant

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Bohemian has a referral-only reservation policy

Japanese wagyu beef is well known as one of the world’s priciest proteins, set apart by its impeccable marbling of fat. Not long ago a farm in Oregon crossbred Japanese wagyu with a domestic Black Angus, creating a special breed called washugyu that is thoroughly rich in fattiness, yet still lean.

The rare breed is a trademark on the menu at Bohemian — a New York City restaurant with a referral-only reservation policy, which means guests can only make a reservation at the restaurant if they know someone who has already dined there. Hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young are visiting Bohemian and chef Aki in this episode of Prime Time, where Aki is making short rib sashimi, beef tartare (on top of a three-cheese grilled cheese sandwich), and a whole flat iron steak — all with washugyu beef.

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