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This Tampa Restaurant Only Serves Foods That Start With the Letter ‘C’

“C” is for cookie, and champagne and challah and ciabatta and crudo and craft beers

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Exterior shot of The C House The C House/Facebook

The letter “C”: Is it all that exciting? It does sort of look like an open-mouthed Pac-Man, or maybe a doughnut with a bite taken. Also, it is the third letter in the alphabet, a respectable ranking that comes in just behind “A” and “B.” So, sure, that’s enough reason to open a whole restaurant inspired by the character. The C House is now serving in Tampa, Florida, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

“All about the C” seems to be the restaurant’s hashtag/motto. This means the menu is full of “C” items such as cheesecake, champagne, and charcuterie. There are cocktails and craft beers. Sandwiches can be served on ciabatta and challah. Are crudo and cheesy mac an odd pairing? Not at the C House.

“I think we can deliver the type and the food and the quality that I want, without needing to sacrifice based on the fact it doesn’t start with a C,” owner Danna Haydar told Creative Loafing Tampa last year. The concept reportedly brought together two ideas: Haydar’s dream of opening a champagne and dessert lounge and a way to make money off of her mother-in-law’s homemade cheesecakes. Et voilà!

Reviews from the C House’s soft opening are mixed. “The buffalo cauliflower was so good and the chicken carbonara gnocchi was on point,” gushes one Yelp user. “All I all, I will definitely be back.” However, service may need some work. “The owner has absolutely no idea what she is doing nor how to treat people!!” exclaims another, less-than-impressed Yelper. “She has no care for family or a bone of gratefulness for what people do for her!!”

The C House also has a retail element, stocking its shelves with, according to the Times, coasters, candles, and cocktail napkins. There are “classic wood pieces” too, though be honest: that one is probably a bit of a stretch.

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