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Cheap Pots and Pans Peddler Wants to Be the Everlane of Cookware

Plus, Amazon and Walmart are pushing smaller grocery chains out of the market

Made In pots and pans Made In/Facebook
  • An 80-year-old McDonald’s franchisee in Illinois has filed an ageism lawsuit against the Big Mac peddler, claiming Mickey D’s is trying to push him out of the business by denying expansion opportunity and requesting an “unreasonable” remodel for his restaurant. McDonald’s says the lawsuit is “a largely vague and conclusory hodgepodge of factual allegations,” but a federal judge in New Jersey is allowing it to proceed.
  • As giant companies like Amazon and Walmart delve further into the grocery business, smaller supermarket chains are being pushed out. “It’s not a level playing field,” Abel Porter, chief executive officer of Iowa-based Fairway, tells the New York Times. “Competing against Amazon is like competing against the government or a military commissary.”
  • Not only are National Football League cheerleaders paid so little their work is almost volunteer in nature, they aren’t allowed to dine in the same spaces as players. If a New Orleans Saints player enters a restaurant where a team cheerleader is eating, she has to vacate the premises immediately.
  • Sorry, pig farmers. In response to Donald Trump’s tariffs on imported steel, China is going to put a 25 percent tariff on American pork.
  • And, finally: Mmm, The Simpsons-themed dinner party.

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