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Watch: How to Speed Dry-Age a Steak

You Can Do This takes a seasoning staple to mimic big steakhouse flavors in a home kitchen

In this episode of You Can Do This, I am chasing the funk of a dry-aged steak without having to put in the time, or the bags of money. I’m certain the age-old, dry-aging process cannot be mimicked exactly — but what if we could get really close? And what if we could do it quickly and without any special aging equipment?

The key to this speed-aging experiment is to use something that’s enzyme-rich, so we can mimic a traditional dry-aging environment where temperature, wind, and humidity are all controlled. The best way I’ve come across speed aging is by using fish sauce — a staple made from fish coated in salt and fermented for up to two years. (There are natural enzymes packed into the process of making fish sauce, as well as some extra enzymes added to assist in the breaking down of the fish.)

I’ll be using fish sauce in three different techniques, and even working blue cheese and garlic into one of them, to find the fix for dry-aged steaks without the wait.

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