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McDonald’s Wants to Save the Planet by Tweaking Its Beef Production

Plus, Cronut mastermind Dominique Ansel has invented a chocolate-avocado Easter egg, and more food news

A Mcdonald’s burger and fries Photo Illustration by Jamie Rector/Getty Images
  • The world is slowly coming to the realization that beef consumption is terrible for the environment, which is bad news for fast-food burger chains such as McDonald’s. The Big Mac and Quarter Pounder purveyor is attempting to reduce its carbon footprint by changing the way its beef is produced. Mickey D’s hopes to “prevent 150 million metric tons (165 million tons) of greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere by 2030, equal to taking 32 million cars off the road for a year.”
  • World traveling ex-chef Anthony Bourdain shares his tips for finding good restaurants when out and about in unfamiliar territory. Among Bourdain’s advice: “My favorite restaurants are ones where they only do two or three things, A place that does three things and it looks like they’ve been doing those same three things for a very long time—that’s a really healthy sign. If they have a menu that’s all over the place, if they have a hamburger or Asian fusion and it’s not in Asia, these are all worrisome to me.”
  • It’s worth keeping in mind that everything Bourdain shows to his viewers is coming from the perspective of a rich, white celebrity. And in a new op-ed for the SF Chronicle, writer Tunde Wey offers his thoughts on Bourdain’s privilege: “There’s nothing Bourdain can do to change his work or fix his gaze. He is like everyone else, limited by his history, identity and experiences. Wherever he is, he assumes the center, pushing all narratives to the periphery, all other lives become his supporting cast. No matter how carefully he narrates, he will always remake the world in the image of his privilege.”
  • Are New York bagels and pizza really better than versions found elsewhere? Yes, some residents of the city will exuberantly proclaim. But, why? Some say it’s the NYC tap water in the dough that does the job. If that’s actually the case, a new patent-pending invention called the “New York WaterMaker,” may bust the Big Apple’s monopoly on top-quality bagels and pies. The device supposedly can take water from anywhere else and match “the exact hardness, molecular structure, and chemical composition” of NYC water.
  • Cronut mastermind Dominique Ansel has come up with a new delicacy that will surely show up all over your Instagram feed. The “huevocado” is a chocolate-avocado Easter egg — inspired by California and available at Ansel’s Los Angeles bakery — and it looks delicious.