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Paula Wolfert Gets the James Beard Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award

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OpenTable’s CEO reflects on the #MeToo movement, plus more food and restaurant news from across the country

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JBFA photo: Getty/Victor Spinelli/WireImage. Wolfert Photo: Facebook/Paula Wolfert
  • Cookbook author Paula Wolfert is the James Beard Foundation’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement honoree. The expert on Mediterranean cuisine has won numerous James Beard Awards over the years, including a medal for her 1994 book The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean, and the MFK Fisher Award for a Saveur piece titled “My Old Moroccan Home.” “I am so honored to receive the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award,” Wolfert says in a statement. “This honor is especially meaningful to me because I knew Jim Beard well, and in fact, back in 1957, he gave me my first professional job in food.” Wolfert’s work will be celebrated at the James Beard Foundation Awards, which will take place in Chicago on Monday, May 7.
  • A Facebook video of a guy getting kicked out of a McDonald’s in Myrtle Beach after trying to buy a homeless man lunch has been viewed over 61 million times since Wednesday.
  • Condolences to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, who has been forced to cancel the order for his $31,000 dining set after John Q. Public learned he was paying the exorbitant price with government funds.
  • In an op-ed for Fast Company, OpenTable’s CEO Christa Quarles considers how kitchen culture can change in light of the #MeToo movement: “[L]aying out and enforcing the rules is probably the easy part. Professional kitchen cultures will likely change more quickly if we can empower more women to enter and stay in an industry that remains dominated by men at all levels, especially in the decision-making roles of executive chef, manager, and owner.”
  • UK locations of KFC just can’t catch a break:

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