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Watch: Charring Bone-In Tomahawk at a New York Steakhouse

How Brooklyn’s St. Anselm perfected the hefty cut

Prime Time hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young are visiting their favorite local steakhouse on this week’s episode — St. Anselm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The petit restaurant specializes in pitch-perfect, grilled steaks like the butcher’s cut and the NY strip au poivre. Of the cuts with a particular loyal following at St. Anselm is the “Ax Handle,” a Tomahawk steak that ranges between 45 and 65 ounces and gets its name from resembling a single-handed axe.

St. Anselm’s bone-in ribeye comes from the Piedmontese breed which originated in northwest Italy. Head chef Katrina Zito drenches each cut in salt and pepper, pushed into the steak, she notes, since much of it will fall off in the grilling process. It’s just one of the many ways the team at St. Anselm is doing things its own way, skewing the classic, New York institution steakhouses. “You’re vastly different from the landscape,” says Turley. “A really amazing — and transparent about where your meat comes from — neighborhood steakhouse.”

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