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After 500 Days of Chipotle, Burrito Hero Calls It Quits

Legend status, achieved

Scott Olson / Staff

Yesterday, a man by the name of Bruce Wayne ended a 17-month-long, guacamole-heavy journey through the chain restaurant wilderness by eating his 500th meal in 500 days at a Chipotle location in Tiffin, Ohio. Wayne broke the previous world record for most consecutive days eating at the chain back in January, and now he’s decided to hang up his burrito-eating belt, at least for a little while. The tortilla-loving hero documented all of his record-breaking Chipotle meals on Instagram, where Wayne now explains that this final feast “isn’t just the end of one adventure; it’s the start of a new one.”

As you might expect from his name, Bruce is actually also a huge Batman fan, so he dressed as the comic book character while completing his final meal, and he brought along a tiny friend, who also dressed as the caped crusader:

Instead of a taco, burrito, or bowl, the Chipotle champion chose a mini quesadilla for his triumphant feast because, according to Wayne, “leather isn’t very forgiving.” Back in January, when Wayne cruised past the previous record mark of 426 days, Chipotle made him a special burrito-themed cape and cufflinks while also donating $4,260 — a rough estimate of how much his meal cost since the challenge started — to charity.

No word yet on what Wayne’s got planned next, but hopefully, the burrito warrior will at least consider tackling another chain restaurant challenge for his next mission. Stay tuned for any relevant updates as they become available.

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