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Watch: Brisket-Topped Kimchi Stew Is the Pinnacle of Korean-American Food

Dallas restaurant Bbbop puts a new spin on kimchi-jjigae

It’s always interesting to me to see how Korean food evolves and develops in different parts of the country; and in the land of barbecue, it’s no surprise to see a heavy dose of Texas-style ‘cue is making its way to Korean dishes.

Bbbop — a chainlet in Dallas — comes from accomplished chef Sandy Bussey and her husband Greg. At their Oak Cliff location, the duo is experimenting on dishes and concepts that aren’t found at their other fast-casual restaurants, and one of the best things I tried was the brisket-topped kimchi-jjigae — year-old kimchi that’s stewed and topped with Texas-style brisket. The combination of the smoky beef, which soaks up the funky, tangy kimchi stew, is intoxicating and addictive, a truly unique fusion that you can only really find in Texas. Beyond that, I’m also trying out some of the cold-smoked pork belly, the loaded fries, and crispy fried chicken on this episode of K-Town.

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