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Watch the Trailer for ‘Ramen Heads,’ a Documentary About Noodle Obsession

The movie premieres in New York and LA this week

Ramen heads, take notice: A new documentary film that covers the art of Japanese noodle soup premieres in the United States this week. Appropriately titled Ramen Heads, the doc will be shown at Landmark theaters in New York City and Los Angeles this Friday, March 16.

Director Koki Shigeno spent 15 months learning what makes some of Japan’s top ramen chefs tick. Shigeno’s film showcases six restaurants, including that of Osamu Tomita, known as Japan’s “king of ramen.” Tomita had no problem divulging his restaurant’s secrets to the director. “The only reason the other shops won’t show you how they do it is because they’re scared you’ll find out they’re not really doing anything special,” he says.

Ramen Heads first premiered in Canada in May 2017. After its NYC and LA debuts, the doc will be shown in several cities across America over the coming months. Get a sneak peek via the trailer above.

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