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Watch: Should You Be Cooking With Blood?

At M. Wells Steakhouse, three dishes are made with animal blood

“If it’s not in sausage, I don’t know how to cook with blood,” admits Ben Turley in this episode of Prime Time, joined as always by his co-host and co-owner of New York City butcher shop the Meat Hook, Brent Young. The duo is visiting M. Wells Steakhouse in New York’s Long Island City, where chef Hugue Dufour is cooking more than one dish with animal blood.

Dufour grew up in Quebec and remembers eating a lot of blood sausage for breakfast, which he always thought was terrible. As soon as Dufour learned that blood could be used in a variety of techniques that still paid homage to tradition, it translated into braised rabbit with blood sauce, Korean blood sausage with pears and beancurd; and a chicken blood pancake. “You just gave us three shining examples of how to use blood where it’s not just a part of the dish or an element, it’s what makes the dish,” says Turley.

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