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Watch: Can a Kitchen Gadget Make a Better Hard-Boiled Egg Than the Standard Pot?

Testing the $20 Rapid Egg Cooker

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I field a lot of cooking questions from friends, but most of them seem to involve quests for making the perfect eggs. We’ve answered a few of these egg questions on camera, like when we tested the egg poacher and the dedicated breakfast sandwich appliance. Up for review on this episode of You Can Do This! is the Rapid Egg Cooker — a small tabletop gadget that promises soft and hard boiled eggs in speedy time.

In this test, points go to the gadget reflecting the amount of water used: With a traditional boiling method, you have to fill the pot with enough water to cover the eggs, and the Rapid Egg Cooker just needs a small amount spread over a hot plate. But we’re also taking a look at time, surely a weightier factor than amount of water used, and how effectively each method cooks the eggs. Which method over-cooks the yolks? Watch to find out.

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