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Watch Matt Damon’s Stella Artois Super Bowl Commercial

The actor and the beer company wants to help bring fresh water to developing parts of the world

In a new Super Bowl commercial, movie star/problematic bro Matt Damon explains that Stella Artois and have a new program that’s geared toward helping the millions of people around the world who don’t have access to fresh running water.

The promise is that is that if you buy a limited-edition Stella chalice online, a portion of the proceeds will go to, Damon’s non-profit organization. The Bourne Identity star also remarks that if just one percent of all Super Bowl viewers buy a glass, Stella and can give water to one million people for five years.

NPR notes that the math isn’t that simple, but all the money will indeed go to helping people around the world get fresh water. The chalices are for sale on and Amazon for $13, and $3 from each sale will go to the clean water initiative.

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