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Watch Avocados From Mexico’s Bio-Dome-Themed Super Bowl Commercial

Featuring Cabin Boy star Chris Elliott

Avocados from Mexico decided to tap into a very ’90s theme — the bio-dome — for the company’s 60-second Super Bowl ad.

At the beginning of the commercial, the leader of the dome community explains to the inhabitants that they’ve “sealed the bad out and the good in.” The people have plenty of avocados from Mexico to eat, but one of the dome-dwellers notices that all the chips somehow got locked directly outside of the sphere. All of the people inside the bubble start to panic, but the leader calms them down by pointing out that “avocados taste great on lots of things,” including toast. The kicker at the end of the ad is that the WiFi is down... perhaps for all of eternity.

This irreverent ad — one of many zany food-themed spots that’s slated to air during the Super Bowl today — features a random cameo from ’90s character actor Chris Elliot (the star of Get a Life and Cabin Boy) as the dome community’s lone celebrity.

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