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Danny DeVito Is a Human M&M in this Super Bowl Commercial

The animated candy turns into a real-life grouchy old man

Like many Super Bowl food commercials, the 30-second ad for M&M’s that’s running during today’s game features a well-known actor in a truly absurd scenario.

The spot begins with two animated M&M’s walking down the street complaining about people trying to eat them. “Sometimes I wish I were human,” the red M&M says after picking up a lucky penny. The candy man then magically turns into a flesh-and-blood human, played by Danny DeVito, the star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Taxi.

DeVito stops various people on a busy street asking, “Do you want to eat me?” But it turns out that nobody’s interested. The human M&M walks into the middle of traffic to proclaim that he’s the luckiest candy in the world and gets hit by a garbage truck, mid-sentence. The crash sends Candy DeVito flying into a bunch of produce crates outside a grocery store. “You dropped your lucky penny,” his pal the brown M&M says to DeVito as he lies among the rubble.

The rest of the Super Bowl commercial line-up includes Chris Pratt repping Michelob Ultra, Martha Stewart feuding with Jack in the Box, David Schwimmer hawking Skittles, and Morgan Freeman lip-syncing with Peter Dinklage for Doritos and Mountain Dew.

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