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Watch: How to Make a Jalapeño Popper Corn Dog Mashup

You Can Do This attempts bar food inception with the ultimate 2-in-1 fried food

As far as cravings go, jalapeño poppers and corn dogs sit pretty high up there, with their high-fat tendencies and deep-fried content levels. Personally, jalapeño poppers and corn dogs are two of my favorite bar foods, and I’m finally ready to tackle the inception of their mashup.

You’ve probably guessed already the end result: a jalapeño popper corn dog that is essentially a hot dog on a stick, covered in cheese, wrapped inside a jalapeño, then battered and fried. And doesn’t that sound perfect?

There will be some obstacles to achieving this holy-grail bar food, like ensuring the innermost layer — the hot dog — gets cooked fully; making sure the cheese melts (but not too much); and playing with the sugar content of the batter so it doesn’t burn. But for the sake of the jalapeño popper corn dog, we can do this.

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