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Watch: Pork Bones Make All the Difference in This Ramen

“Prime Time” heads to Suzume in Brooklyn for a funky bowl of noodles

Prime Time hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young are big on a no-waste ethos at their whole-animal butcher shop, the Meat Hook. But running a whole-animal operation means they’re left with a lot of animal bones, particularly pork bones.

The duo has partnered with Williamsburg ramen shop Suzume, where chef Joshua Van den Berg is using would-be discarded pork bones to create the broth for his bowls of ramen. Van den Berg credits the pork bones with giving Suzume’s ramen its distinctly funky, dry-aged flavor, where most bones for stock are blanched of all impurities beforehand. “What stands out is how round and full the broth is,” says Young. “I could drink this every single day.”

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