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Why Does Nobody Talk About Hunger?

When it comes to feeding children, America is still behind

This is Eating Out Loud, where Jessica Valenti talks with leading activists about the intersection between politics and food. In this episode, she discusses food insecurity and more with professor, television host, and writer Melissa Harris-Perry.

Some of you will recognize Melissa Harris-Perry from her cable news show, which became a staple for the intellectual set eager to watch television that went in-depth, rather than just touching on the headlines. Now Harris-Perry is teaching and working on food insecurity as a social justice issue. She’s growing food and keeping chickens — a far cry from 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

We spoke about what it means to be hungry, and how that can impact all aspects of your life. But it was talking about her mentor, Maya Angelou, that touched me the most. It made me think of the ways that women lift each other up, and honor each other after we’re gone.

Producers: Pelin Keskin and Mariya Pylayev
Special thanks to Wake Forest University