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Watch: Kimchi Kielbasa Is the Perfect Korean-Polish Dish

K-Town heads to Kimski for this mash up

One of the definitive aspects of Chicago’s landscape is the large Polish population — the second largest outside of Warsaw, Poland. But there’s a significant Korean population too, so it was only really a matter of time before the two cultures and cuisines found each other.

I’m visiting Chicago’s Kimski in this episode of K-Town; the restaurant comes from two brothers who have a Korean mother and a Polish father. Ed and Mike Marszewski brought on chef Won Kim when they opened two years ago, and he helped infuse a heavy dose of Korean flavors into classic Polish comfort food. Think kielbasa dogs topped with cabbage kimchi and soju mustard, and beer-battered scallion pancakes drizzled with soy sour cream. There’s even poutine, which notably isn’t Polish or Korean, but it’s one of my favorite expressions of this mash up.

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