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More of Amazon’s Cashier-less Convenience Stores Are on the Way

Additional “just walk out” stores are coming to Seattle and LA

An employee stands in front of a display at an Amazon Go store Screenshot

Amazon debuted its cashier-less brick-and-mortar store in its hometown of Seattle in January, with many proclaiming Amazon Go “the convenience store of the future.” Apparently, the future is now — because the retail goliath is planning to open as many as six more Amazon Go stores this year, according to Recode.

Recode’s sources say the additional stores will be located in Seattle and LA, though Amazon declined to comment.

The Amazon Go store format is centered on “Just Walk Out” technology: Shoppers scan an app on their phones when entering the store, then they can grab the items they want and simply walk out; purchases are automatically charged to their Amazon accounts, thanks to cameras and sensors that carefully track which items they’ve selected. (While one major point of the concept is to eliminate lines, the Amazon Go store nonetheless drew a long line of curious patrons during opening week.)

The pioneering Seattle store is stocked with typical convenience store items like packaged snacks and drinks, as well as beer and wine. But the entire back wall is devoted to prepared foods, from nicoise salads and turkey wraps to butter chicken and lamb sandwiches — meaning Amazon Go stores could prove to be a major competitor for grab-and-go salad chains and lunch spots once its world domination is complete.

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