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Watch: How Your Wok Can Double as an Indoor Smoker

You Can Do This figures out how to smoke a piece of fish without the guesswork

A kiss of smoke can take some dishes to the next level. Just think how many recipes are made superior with the use of a smoking technique: smoked salmon, some charcuterie, that smoked whitefish salad you get on your Sunday bagel, and endless cheeses. It’s a common technique in restaurant kitchens, but one that can be pretty intimidating to the average home cook. In this latest episode of You Can Do This, I’m using a traditional wok to show you how to craft an indoor smoker right at home.

If you’re a home cook, I’m sure you’ve already come across a DIY smoker method, but there is a glaring problem: these techniques don’t call for any temperature control. This makes a huge difference, since the amount of exposure to smoke will completely change the dish — I’m saying that high smoke will taste bad, okay? But with a thermometer, you can take the temperature of your salmon throughout the cooking process without ever having to remove the lid.

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