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Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl Commercial Tugs at the Heart Strings

It’s a happy ad that might make you tear up a bit

While its rival, Pepsi, is trying to wow Super Bowl viewers with a mix of nostalgia and celebrity cameos, Coca-Cola wants to pull at their heart strings with an earnest commercial that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

“The Wonder of Us” shows people of all different races, ages, and genders engaged in an assortment of carefree activities, many of which tangentially involve bottles and cans of Coke. Some memorable shots include kids playing spin the bottle, a wheelchair-bound daredevil catching air off a half pipe, two cowpokes gazing up at a star-filled sky, and a pair of nature enthusiasts jumping from a teepee into a lake at sunset.

As these pretty scenes flash across the screen, various voices say things like “No feet have wandered where you’ve walked.” And, “To act the same would be mundane — what a boring thing to do.” The commercial ends with the line, “There’s a Coke for we and us, and there’s a Coke for you.” With its message of inclusivity and lack of a plot or clever conceit, the whole thing feels a bit like a 2018 update of the classic 1971 Coca-Cola spot, “Hilltop.”

And for a change of pace, check out Diet Coke’s very lo-fi Super Bowl commercial:

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