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Watch: New York’s Best New Pastrami Is Made with Fish Sauce

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How Harry & Ida’s makes its pastrami sandwich

In the second episode of Eater’s Prime Time, hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young of New York’s the Meat Hook are visiting their pal Will Horowitz at Harry & Ida’s — Horowitz’s mini chain of sandwich shops with a strong Jewish deli inspiration.

Harry & Ida’s iconic dish is the housemade pastrami, which Horowitz says is a process that takes weeks, from brining to roasting to smoking. In a city where locals associate pastrami with Katz’s, Horowitz has managed to draw plenty of attention to his “amazing” iteration, according to Eater critic Robert Sietsema. The secret, it would seem, lies in the brining process, which folds in plenty of unique flavors like housemade fish sauce and fermented radish.

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