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Watch: French Onion Soup Rings Are Actually Easy to Make

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‘You Can Do This!’ is back with an American diner staple made out of a French bistro classic

I’m stashing the unitaskers and infomercial gadgets for this episode of You Can Do This!, where we take everyday dishes and try to bend, shift, flip, and cook something familiar in a whole new way. I’m hellbent on creating a hybrid of two of my favorite comfort foods: onion rings and French onion soup.

Think about it: both dishes are equally iconic and classic, but rarely do you see them together. My challenge is achieving that cheesy quality of a traditional French onion soup into each bite of a crispy onion ring. I’ll start each dish with a classic preparation, nothing unfamiliar or fancy, so we are rooted in the beloved flavor base of each. But to join these together, there’s one added ingredient that makes this all possible.

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