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Watch Portlandia’s Commercial for an Eat-Over-the-Sink Restaurant

No plates or utensils necessary

The makers of IFC’s hit comedy Portlandia understand that sometimes the easiest and most satisfying meals are consumed by yourself, while standing over the sink. And that’s why they invented Sinkles, a restaurant that’s just a bunch of sink stations for diners to stand over while eating random stuff from the fridge.

“Now you can enjoy eating with others the way that you enjoy eating most — single and hunched over the sink,” a spokesperson explains. The menu at Sinkles includes over-the-sink staples like fancy peanut butter and smoked turkey slices, plus “crackers with lots of seeds on them, cashews, salmon, hummus, rye toast with old butter, chewy Thai spring rolls, and for dessert, peanut clusters from a gift basket.” Instead of music, the dining room is filled with the “low buzzing hum of the refrigerator.”

The makers of Sinkles are also hard at work on a new experience called “garbage meals.”


“Sinkles” will be included among the sketches on tomorrow night’s episode of Portlandia, airing at 10 p.m. on IFC. For more of the show’s best food moments, check out Eater’s complete culinary retrospective.

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