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Watch: Turning a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich Into a Sausage Link

Ben Turley and Brent Young of the Meat Hook get creative with the breakfast classic

Welcome to Prime Time, a new video series featuring Ben Turley and Brent Young of the Meat Hook, a butcher shop and restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.

At the duo’s butcher shop, Turley and Young offer up over 80 varieties of house made sausage, including everything from bratwurst and spicy Italian to French onion and baked potato sausage. But it turns out the Meat Hook was missing an ode to one of the most classic American sandwiches: a bacon, egg, and cheese.

For the task Turley and Young are taking a “trashy” approach, folding in Kraft American singles, bacon bits, potato rolls, and fried and ground eggs, as well as a “classy” approach: swapping in raclette (Swiss cheese), rendered bacon, raw eggs, and breadcrumbs. This isn’t the duo’s first attempt at turning a sandwich into sausage — paying respects to failed attempts at a cheesesteak sausage and a reuben sandwich variety — and watch the video to see which version ended up tasting most like the bodega classic.

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