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Watch: How Does a $350 Rice Cooker Stack Up Against the $40 Version?

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The highbrow Zojirushi versus lowbrow Aroma on You Can Do This!

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The rice cooker is a product that you don’t think you really need until you have one: Sure, some will argue that a pot with a lid will suffice, and that’s absolutely valid. But for those who make rice on a regular basis, not having to babysit a pot for the entire cook time is a total timesaver.

For this You Can Do This! test, we’re pitting the Zojirushi Rice Cooker ($350) against the Aroma Rice Cooker — the latter makes appearances in most college dorms and retails for around $30 to $40. We’re really only testing the quality of the end result, using the same amount of rice and water, and the same basic cook function for both machines.

So do you really need a $350 rice cooker? Special guest chef Esther Choi of New York’s Mokbar and Ms. Yoo is here to help me decide.

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