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Celeb Pals Ina Garten and Jennifer Garner Dine at In-N-Out

Amazon is bringing its cashierless stores to airports, and more news to start your day

In-N-Out Burger sign Mike Mozart/Flickr

Ina Garten and Jennifer Garner go Animal-style

A beautiful celebrity friendship is blossoming before our very eyes: The Barefoot Contessa and celeb pal Jennifer Garner hit up an In-N-Out in Costa Mesa, California yesterday to celebrate the end of Ina’s latest cookbook tour. As Garten confirms in the comments, she did indeed order her burger Animal-style. In the words of the illustrious Food Network star, when it comes to burgers, apparently “store-bought is fine.”

Cashierless Amazon Go stores are coming to airports

Amazon is reportedly looking to bring its futuristic Amazon Go stores to airports. So far the company has seven of the stores — which enable customers to scan their phones upon entering, pick up whatever they want, and then just walk out — across the U.S., and it’s not hard to see how the concept could be incredibly convenient for travelers in a rush. Finally, an easier way to buy those dreaded $5 bottles of airport water!

And in other news...

• Speaking of food world celebrities and In-N-Out, Salt Fat Acid Heat star Samin Nosrat agrees that the cultishly adored burger chain’s fries are trash. [Lifehacker]

• The Pioneer Woman has a new line of prepared foods available at Walmart; the heat-and-eat lineup includes dishes like bacon-wrapped meatloaf and mac and cheese. Is this what pioneers ate? ::thinking face emoji:: [Press Release]

• Japanese convenience store Lawson will now employ fried chicken-cooking robots called Karaage-kun. Customers will still have to take their robot-cooked food to a human cashier to pay, however. [RocketNews24]

• The world’s oldest celebrity chef (and possibly the world’s oldest YouTube star), an Indian great-grandmother named Mastanamma, has died at the age of 107. She started posting cooking videos to YouTube when she was 105 and amassed more than a million subscribers. [NY Times]

• Is Barolo the new burgundy? Maybe, so drink it now while it’s still (relatively) cheap. [WSJ]

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