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Watch: Turning a Pig’s Leg Into Deli Ham

Prime Time sets out to create a sandwich with meat that’s better than your average Boar’s Head cut

The crew at the Meat Hook in Brooklyn receives a weekly pig delivery on Monday mornings, and in this episode of Prime Time, hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young are using the pig to make a traditional holiday ham. “Most people don’t know what goes into making ham,” says Young. “So this is the 101 on making American-style deli ham.” Turley jokes that it’s “like what you wish Boar’s Head was.”

It’s a long process, too. Starting with a half pig, the team separates the loin from the ham (a leg cut) and then has to debone it, skin it, trim it, tie it, heavily brine it, let it sit for 10 days in more brine, and then smoke it for about eight hours. Pivotal last times are to make a ham sandwich.

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