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Watch: What Is the Best Way to Make the Beloved Japanese Snack Takoyaki at Home?

Testing traditional and electric pans to see which results in crispy (and creamy) octopus balls

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Takoyaki, or fried octopus balls, are a beloved Japanese snack — so it’s not all that surprising that there are multiple gadgets to help the average cook satisfy their craving at home. Naturally, also, these products span when it comes to price point. First there’s a non-stick takoyaki grill from Iwatani, which retails at $22 and requires that the chef flip the octopus balls with a bit of finesse. The electric takoyaki grill from Yamazen (slightly pricier at $33) also requires that you flip the balls on your own.

Finally there’s the Sugiyama automatic and electric takoyaki grill; it’ll cost you $164 but it promises to do all the flipping for you. Testing all three gadgets this week is Kitchen Gadget Test Show host Esther Choi, along with Shin Takagi of New York’s Doko Demo. The duo is testing to see which gadget will give them crispy on the outside and creamy inside takoyaki.

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